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We use the MailKitchen emailing tool to inform our prospects and contacts about the arrival of new products. Sine we started, our order volume has risen by 10%.

Jean-Claude, business leader

It used to be very complicated for me to email our buyers. But since I've been using MailKitchen I've become independent and can send our offers easily to all our contacts.

Diane, real estate agent

I run a car dealership and we needed a tool that would enable us to create newsletters because we do not have a graphic designer. MailKitchen is the perfect tool.

Karl, car dealership manager

Thanks to MailKitchen I finally have a user-friendly tool that did not take hours to understand and that enabled me to send emails to my contacts just a few minutes after I registered.

Florine, florist

I don't have any time to devote to studying techniques. Sending emails to my customers has to be easy. MailKitchen allows me to sends menus and event details to all my regulars in just a few clicks.

Roger, head chef and restaurant owner"

We run an email database so we need a solid partner we can trust. MailKitchen enables us to have the technical partner we need.

Antonio, marketing manager